The X-Utility Solution is designed to be a converged solution with respect to services, products, markets and value chains. It is aimed at corporations offering utility products as a core service or as part of any other type of service, such as telecom services.

Key Features

  • Customer web interface enabling comprehensive self services
  • Exact rating and invoicing of usage, retail, wholesale and margin
  • Supplier settlement
  • Advanced products
  • Industry messaging such as PRODAT, MSCONS and UTILTS
  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) interface
  • Service usage master data management
  • Customer, product (retail – wholesale) and market accounting
  • Individualised marketing and customer care processes, e.g. win-back and hold-back
  • Any business variable may change at any time point (e.g. 2009-08-27 13:44:06,123)


  • Reduced front and back office staff
  • Comprehensive and detailed business control such as volume prediction of future fixed price commitments
  • Enabling the use of state-of-the-art products
  • Added value to customers
  • Enabling margin control in real-time
  • Quality assurance of business processes
  • 100% traceability of all transaction, e.g. customer orders


The X-Utility Solution enables utility providers to continuously execute all customer related business processes including rating of service usage. The X-Utility Solution empowers utility providers to handle future challenges with ease, such as reduced usage collection period, e.g. 15 minutes, for rating of electricity usage.

Advanced products

The X-Utility Solution enables the utility provider to, for example, build combined fixed price and floating price products to reduce the risk for securing too much or too little energy for future delivery to contracted consumers. The requirement for eliminating risk is that the fixed price part must be rated on individually agreed volume per rating period, not actual volume which is the case for existing mixed products in the market.

Chained products – fixed price and floating price (click to enlarge)

Billing accuracy

The present market standard of rating utility services does not correctly compute customer bills. Furthermore, utility service providers may not correctly perform customer, product and market accounting, e.g. they may not differentiate margin values on different products such as floating price and fixed price products. The X-Utility Solution empowers utility providers to do this.

Retail result (click to enlarge)

Automatic Meter Reading

The energy market is converting manual usage collection methods into automatic two way processes. This introduces a number of possibilities as well challenges.
Some possibilities are:

  • The cost for retrieving usage is reduced
  • Usage may be collected at shorter time intervals
  • Rating accuracy is improved with shorter collection intervals
  • Rating may be performed with less time lag reducing risk and improving cash flow
  • Rating with usage time intervals approaching the spot market rating interval (presently one hour) improves the possibility to correctly calculate margins

The challenges include:

  • The roll-out of local usage collection equipment imposes a number of challenges including communication validation and assurance of correct meter identification association with customer site
  • The large increase of the volume of usage records to be used in the rating imposes stress on the value chain from the collection to the master data management, to the rating and accounting
  • The meter readings required to correctly rate a customer are not static. Usage has to be collected at least at the following points in time (not accounting margin calculation requirements):
    • Product change (e.g. change from floating price to fixed price)
    • Price changes (e.g. hourly for spot based pricing)
    • Supplier change for the customer
    • Change of customer at the delivery point
    • Rating intervals
  • Past invoices are sometimes revoked for example because the product assigned to the subscription was wrong. This requires the master data management system to be able to retrieve the historical usage values for the correct time points.
The X-Utility Solution addresses the above listed issues, enabling the possibilities and solving the challenges.

Service usage (click to enlarge)

Market result (click to enlarge)

Market result drill-down (click to enlarge)