The X-Media Solution is designed to be a cross-media, cross-product, cross-market and cross-value chain media business solution. It is aimed at companies offering media products as a core service or as part of any other type of service, such as telecom, broadband and broadcast services.

Key Features

  • Any service and product is rated in a single generic process
  • Single point of deployment for Rights and License Holders
  • Automatic, instant collection of usage
  • Flexible, differentiated and dynamic business models
  • Automatic real-time business processes
  • Campaign handling
  • Content handling


  • No royalty leaks
  • Instant deployment
  • Low distribution cost
  • Added value to customers
  • Margin control in real-time
  • 100% traceability of all transaction, e.g. enabling Right Holder reviews


X-Media Solution enables continuous automatic execution of business processes and rules for media service providers including customer rating and supplier settlement. The unsurpassed flexible X-Media Solution takes the concept of providing media products to the market, as well as the cost of operation, to a new dimension.

Reporting and Settlement in Real-Time

The X-Media Solution rates all revenue and cost components of a service usage providing exact margins. The components are:

  • Retail rating – Customer pricing giving revenue for Service Providers such as Retailers and White-Labels
  • Wholesale rating – Cost calculation including pro-rata revenue share models for Rights and License Holders, Publishers, Collection Societies etc.
  • Rating of any cost component related to delivering the service such as payment cost, service delivery cost, CPA cost etc.

The X-Media Solution simultaneously executes the rating components on detail level, e.g. a music stream, hence providing exact margins in real-time which are aggregated on customer, market, product and supplier dimensions. This enables continuous hands-on control of the business; there will be no surprises as is the normal situation today when the accounts are finally reconciled months late.

Margins per market and time interval (click to enlarge)

Retail – Wholesale Configuration

X-Media allows a flexible configuration of the revenue (retail) and cost (wholesale) products. The configuration can be changed at any time, e.g. adding a music distributor on the cost side, and different currencies are allowed.

Retail – wholesale configuration for a music distributor (click to enlarge)

Wholesale result for music distribution business (click to enlarge)

Content Handling

Any media content may be handled by the X-Media Solution such as music provisioning and literature distribution. X-Media will manage the whole content distribution chain (however not the actual physical distribution). X-Media receives the content and metadata from the Publisher and controls the access to the content for an end user according to individual subscription rights.