Direct Booking Benefits

XIB´s direct booking service is developed to fit small and medium sized businesses with relatively simple rating needs and simple economy flow and structure. We believe most of our potential customers can be found with the following lines of businesses:

  •  Workshops
    • Car, Car repair
    • Driving schools
    • Wellness
      • Masseur, Hear dresser, Skin care, Foot care, Beauty saloons, Nail designer, YOGA
    • Athletics
      • Track and field, Personal trainer, Golf and exercise
    • Health
      • Physiotherapists, Doctors, Optician, Dentists, dental hygienists, Vets, Acupuncture, Coaching and consultancies, Zone therapy and similar.
    • Service
      • Animal “hotels”, photograph
      • Hotels, hire service meeting rooms and premises , SPA centres, Booking of Restaurant, Booking of tables.