What XIB Offers

To utilize XIB´s online booking system you don't have to make substantial investments, only a PC and/cell phone with internet access is required!

DIREKTEBOOKING.NO is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) offered as a “Cloud Computing” product. In other works; the system is available via a normal browser like Explorer, Opera, etc. No special software or hardware is required to use the system. The system is easy to learn, and simple to use. A web based interface makes all local installation of programs unnecessary and the system will be available to you on any PC or phone connected to Internet only via a username and a password.

The cell phone solution working both for I-Phones, Windows mobile and Android, enables you to register and update the system even outside the office and office hours.

Customers will be able to book online, which will reduce phone bookings during working hours.

Direct booking will also enable you to get paid online. This is a specially attractive feature if you are experiencing a lot of “no shows” which might drain your profitability.