What XIB Offer

XIB are offering a customer model existing of four elements. These four units are:

  • Customer communication.
  • Business intelligence (BI) important  KPI analyzes.
  • Customer surveys. (employees surveys)
  • Receptionist.

In addition we can offer consult support where we help you establish these services, in addition to defining the most important key performance indicators.

We can supply a communication solution with both sms and e-mail, enabling you to communicate in an efficient and customer friendly way, with for example reminders of bookings. You can in an automated way offer your customers services based on season or intervals. In addition we can provide standard template for newsletters.

The BI model will give you a quick overview of operations, simulating result in the future. Will be able to split information  down to single customers, or groups of customers. It will in addition give you a change to understand the size of different customers and which are the most profitable. This information should help you to make segments and tailor make the offerings per segment.

Our survey module will put you in a position to find out what you customers feels and think about your performance and quality.

Receptionist services can be supplied to customers who think the can benefit from this.

Most companies would benefit from a online booking service together with a web page.
We offer both these services, contact us for more information.