Why Web Services?

Most businesses have already their own webpage. A well designed web page is in our opinion the best way for most businesses to market themselves and their products. Many small end medium business have in the past been dependent on mouth to mouth marketing. Which we think will be important in the future as well, but maybe more related to reputation. In addition to market yourself and your products, a web page also enables you to be the chosen vendor due to web search and search word optimization. This in addition with banner marketing and paid locations on search pages can be a powerful tool even for smaller operations, since it enables you to market your business without the support of heavy marketing investments.

Potential customers will in increasing numbers prefer to get an overview over the market offering before approaching one supplier. They will do so when it fits them, the trend is clearly moving in the direction of evenings and weekends for these types of activities. It is increasingly important to both present your offering and be available when the potential customers are in shopping mode!

Who needs this?

In principle would all service providers benefit from a top line web page. Many business are presenting their offer in a good way on their homepage . Some even have a online booking system, bur few have this combined with a payment set up.

XIB can supply you with both calendar, online booking and payment solutions. To many small business this will represent a giant leap when implemented!

We are targeting customers in the following line of businesses when offering this solution:
Car workshops, Driving schools, Masseur, Hair dresser, Skin care, Foot care, Beauty saloons, Nail designer, Personal trainer, Golf and exercise, Physiotherapists, Doctors, Optician, Dentists, Dental hygienists, Vets, Acupuncture, Coaching and consultancies, Zone therapy and similar. And others with comparable needs.

What XIB Offer

XIB can support you in most of the mentioned areas. We can; help you establishing a web page or revamp your old, profiling your business in accordance with your need. We can establish your domain strategy and help you get control over the structure ensuring satisfactory traffic to your main site. We can further develop and maintain your page ensure you to get you your fair share of your market.

Search word optimization can be expensive, we are able to supply you this service to a cost you only could dream about! Enabling small companies to utilize this tools as well.

When rigged with your own web site, preferably with online booking you can also participate in affiliate marketing, and by this most likely attract new customers. This is specially interesting for small enterprises since it  means paying when you have success