Why Offshoring

With “Off shoring” we understand the same as “Outsourcing” with an addition namely that the outsourcing is directed to a certain area with qualities we are looking for. Off shoring was firstly developed  in the production industry (low requirement for highly skilled personnel, but strong cost focus) in this way companies in high cost zones could meet the competition from low cost areas. Later service providing companies have followed but in other geographical areas due to higher demands on structure and competence. Within the IT business high requirements to schooling system to ensure same education as in the developed world, good English skills, high demands on logistics such as power, buildings, telephone systems, IT infrastructure. And above all an uncorrupted bureaucracy and a stabile  political environment.  All these requirements are met in India, and have made them specially attractive for the IT industry.

Frustration is often experienced when business processes should be established or improved, due to IT support needed from the organisation outside the business line.

We are faced with :

  •  High rates on IT resources
  •  Low availability of experienced personnel
  •  Low availability of experienced personnel with special skills
  •  Low  production rate, rarely more than 130 hours pr. month

In addition we are facing higher demands for changes and deliverance , giving

  • Increasing demands for new projects and increasing demand on resources
  • Increasing need for an organization able to mobilize or demobilize on short notice
  • Trend to produce applications (like I-phone or Android apps) quickly and cost efficient without demands to long lifetime
  • Big challenges with regards to ”Time to market”!

If you recognize some or all of these issues, we believe you can benefit from our Offshore Office offer!