Offshore Office

Our Offshore Office concept is not outsourcing or off shoring in the traditional meaning of the word. In our Offshore Office we offer plug-n-play office facility, which will enable you to have your own dedicated resources just like your own employees.

When recruiting personnel based on your specification for skills and competence, we do the field work on your behalf, narrowing down the candidates to say 30 persons per position. We will further perform initial interviews to verify given information from candidates. In addition we will check out English skills and communication skills and finally a subjective evaluation narrowing numbers of candidates to 2 or 3 times your need for resources. Last interview and final decision who to employ will be with you!

All resources employed this way will work exclusively for you, meaning that you will have to directly assign work to them, manage them and prioritize their work tasks. XIB India will execute all administrative tasks, supplying HW and SW, office facilities and all practical matters attached to being an employer as per the Indian Laws and best practices.  

For the Nordic market we offer a Norwegian speaking coordinator working in our office in India. Our COO in India has long and relevant experience from the IT industry. This will ensure optimal communication and direct follow up of our personnel if needed. In this way you can build up your own IT department in India with low risk and cost at the same time, as you have full control.

In our model we offer you a trail period of 6 month where we take over your resources without extra cost if you for any reasons should decide to withdraw from the deal. Furthermore we offer you the possibility of moving all resources to your own company if you at a time in the future should wish to do so.