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India is the biggest supplier of English speaking workforce outside the US. India is further the second largest supplier of scientific and technical talents. The volume of educated people is rapidly increasing and the availability of qualified personnel is vast. The consumption in India is rapidly increasing and the size of the middle class with  purchasing power is in the area of 300 to 400 million people. McKinsey & Co foresee an increase in the area of 400% in private consumption in the year 2025.

India have invested in communication with focus on satellite/cable TV/basic & mobile telephone/fibre and broadband. Further improvements can be seen in road standard, harbours and urban transportation.

To the IT business good support and infrastructure is available specially in the province XIB is located.

China is increasingly seen as the production web in the world. The same way India is seen as the IT and Off shoring supplier in the world.

Chandigarh where XIB is located was established in 1953. The city was “designed” by French architects, and consists of 64 self contained sectors.  A modern and well structured city only 12 hours trip from the Nordic region. Chandigarh has been continuously rated as best city to live in India.

XIB India offers facilities in an IT centre with European standard in a building shared with companies such as Nokia, Simens, Tatas and a Leading University. XIB have access to databases and environments  containing millions of professionals with recognized documented quality.

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